Why Your Home Needs a SMART Lock

Homeowner locking his home with smartphone and smart lock.Smart locks are the new types of locks slowly replacing traditional locks. The older style, traditional locks have been in use for many years now and have served quite well. Most homeowners have been using traditional locks for years without complaints arising on their services. However, the introduction of SMART locks in the market has seen a decline in the growth of traditional lock usage. Of course as with every change, some homeowners are a bit resistant to make the switch and thus prefer sticking with their traditional locks.

What Are SMART Locks?

Smart locks are an improvement on the traditional lock, even though they essentially achieve the same outcome. They both provide a means of securing or locking a door however the smart locks make use of current technology to perform this.

Installing smart locks in your home would mean boosting your security level in many ways. For instance, smart locks can be connected to your smart phone (iPhone, Samsung, Google phone, etc.) allowing you to manage your home’s security from any location. Just imagine being able to control the locking of your front door from miles away. This is perfect for those times when you are not sure if you locked the door on the way out. Search for your nearest smart lock installer today.

Some of the smarter SMART locks connect to your home’s internet connection by use of WI-FI allowing you to control it through an app. This connectivity allows them to notify you in case someone breaks-in or opens the door even when you are away.

More SMART Lock Features

Smart locks have a wide variety of features that can improve the safety of you and your family. For instance, some smart locks have voice activation technology that enables you to lock and unlock your door simply by word of mouth. There are also bio-metric smart locks that make use of fingerprints to open and close. As fingerprints are unique, you can integrate the fingerprints of family and people you trust into the system so that only they are able to open the door. A few of the high-end smart locks also make use of face recognition to grant access.

Geo-fencing is another feature present in smart locks. With this provision, you can update your location into the system and further make a perimeter in which if you move out, the lock automatically engages itself. This will help you to never leave your door open even if you forget to lock it yourself.

As seen above, there are a lot of advancements in smart locks that traditional locks don’t have. It is therefore evident to conclude that smart locks should be incorporated into your home to improve the safety of your loved ones and possessions.

How to create a Vintage Look in Your Home

Are you looking for a change in your home decor?

Would you like to get a brand new look for your house without spending a lot of money?

Do you lack ideas and inspiration?

Don’t worry, we are here to help! With our tips, you will be able to create a vintage style decor with almost no money at all!

Let’s get started…

1. Use Christmas lights

Yes, yes. We know it’s not Christmas time yet, but… Christmas lights will make your bedroom look extremely cute in the evening! Vintage style is all about adding a touch of beauty and mystery to your interior. It can be that simple!

2. Make your own candles

If you are an artistic type – you are gonna love it! It is a cheap way of creating a little thing that can change a lot in your house! Get yourself some WAX, small jars and make your own candles. If you do not know how to start – check DIY tutorials on Youtube.

3. DIY Flowerpot

You don’t have to buy new items to make your house look vintage! Choose your favourite pastel color, put your apron on and off you go! Create a completely new look for your flowerpots, having lots of fun in the process. We assure you – this is one of the coolest way to turn your interior around! If painting is not your thing – ask your children to do it for you. We are certain, that they will be delighted to help!

4. Mini photo gallery

Give your bedroom a vintage look by putting your old photos on the wall. You can do it in many ways, but we recommend to get a thread and hang photos like you would hang up your washing. Stretch the thread along one wall or from pin to pin. Your choice. You can use wooden clips to make it look more interesting.

5. Pallets

One of the best and cheapest way of getting a new coffee table is… making one yourself! Don’t worry, you do not have to be a carpenter to do it. All you need is a pallet that you can paint for whatever pastel color you like, and then sit down for a coffee! You can use pallets to be the base of other furniture too – beds, benches and even a shoe storage!

We hope you found some inspiration!

Power surge losses and how to curb them

Have you ever experienced a power flicker instance and on trying to switch on your TV or the refrigerator, they adamantly refuse to turn on, and you wonder what has gone wrong. They have been blown out by the excess voltage in the electric lines which caused the flicker.

Electricity is such an important catalyst for smooth flow of the majority of the home and business operations. The same level of usefulness equally weighs the same degree of risk electricity carries. One of the major risks and the primary cause of electrically related loss is the power surge.

A power surge is an overvoltage in your electric line. Since a power surge carries a high level of voltage, it can destroy and blow out most of your electrical types of equipment since they have a limited capability to handle unlimited energy levels.

The worst part of the losses resulting from these electric power surges is that a general home insurance policy does not cover it.  Thus, unless you are more informed or makes the relevant inquiry, you won’t have your home covered by the insurance.

What Causes electric power surges.

  • They can happen during power switching phases from the main utility company distribution center.
  • Devices with a motor shut on or off diverting voltage to or from other electrical appliances.
  • Lighting and heavy storms which can cause a short circuit in the power lines.
  • If two electric wires touch each other.
  • Build up of energy in a system and being released at once.

Protect your home from power surges by taking the following actions.

Use voltage surge protectors

They resemble the regular power strips and serve the same purpose but at an enhanced level. These act as the gatekeepers to your electric system, when they sense overvoltage, they immediately redirect the excess voltage to the ground through the earth wire. They are a bit more expensive than the ordinary power strip.

Surge suppressors

These are installed at the electric panel or switches, and they ensure that the excess voltage does not get into your system in the first place. These suppressors should only be installed by a qualified electrician since the electric panel controls all the power supply in your home.

Ensure you switch off electrical appliances during the times of power outages and only switch them on when the power is back.

Use GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupters) outlets which act as super sensitive circuit breakers. If these outlets sense that the incoming and outgoing current are not of the same voltage level, it will automatically shut itself off and cut the power in the system.


Power surges can occur in two types

The voltage surge– This lasts longer up to 15 milliseconds.

The power spike- Last for a shorter period but carries a very high voltage.

Thus, it means the effect of all these power surges is the same, and same precautionary measures apply in both instances.

You can do a whole house power surge protection by installing suppressors both at the main circuit breaker panel and use of power strips which are surge protection enabled.