Home improvements aren’t just for bragging rights, vanity, or to fix something that’s broken. Even if you currently love where you live, there is nothing wrong with planning for the future. Eventually, you might want to or have to go elsewhere, and when you do you’ll be glad you took the time to raise the value of your home. If you’ve ever seen a real estate show, you’re aware of how much time and money is usually required to increase the value of a home. Fortunately, there are some simple and easy tricks you can utilize to make your house more valuable.


Give Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Coat Of Paint

Upgrading your kitchen is super expensive. Even just revamping your kitchen cabinets can cost thousands of dollars. A much better and cheaper way to give your cabinets a clean and modern look without shelling out a small fortune is to just paint them over. There are inexpensive cabinet transformation kits online that allow you to do the job yourself, without any help.


Give Your Cabinet Handles An Upgrade


Sticking to ways to improve your cabinets without buying new ones, this method is even simpler than the above one. Simply swapping out your cabinet handles can give your kitchen a brand new look. You can get some cool looking handles on the Super front that can fit most cabinets, even if they come from IKEA.


Add More Seats


If you wish your backyard had a little more size, you can actually make it look bigger by adding more to it. Specifically a seating area. Doing something as simple as adding a dining table and some chairs can make it look as if you have more space than you really do. This method is a lot less expensive than buying a bigger house.


Replace Your Outlet Plates


The plates on your outlets and light switch will get dirty with use. There is no way to avoid that, and most people just leave them thinking there is nothing to do about it without spending a lot of money. That isn’t true though. You can easily change out your plates for around $1 each. If you really want to spice things up, you can paint your plates the same color of your wall to make them blend in more.


A Little Molding Goes A Long Way


Crown molding, panel molding, this simple method allows you to upgrade your kitchen without spending a fortune. This one requires you to learn your way around a miter saw, but after that DIY molding is easy and cheap.


Improve Your Curb Appeal


Home improvements don’t mean much if the first image of your house people see makes them want to vomit. The front of the house is the first thing potential buyers see, so you need to make sure it looks presentable. It doesn’t take a lot either to pull this off. Just doing some simple tasks like adding extra plants to your porch or painting over the door can give your curb appeal a great upgrade.


Doing these simple and cheap methods can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. It’s never too early to plan for the future.




Cheap Home Improvements That Will Increase the Value Of Your Home