When considering renovating your home, you can achieve any look that you desire.  If you are an antique enthusiast, you can achieve your desired look by playing with different designs and the best thing about this is that you can easily get a design that will complement the style of your home. Whether you opt to hire a professional painter or you can do it yourself, it’s possible to get that aged or antique look on your walls.

  • Have the Right Tools and Materials

To make your work easier, you should buy the right materials and tools. Have the right paint, the right brushes, painter’s tape, plastic paint trays, drop clothes and rollers. The rollers should be extendable.

  • Prepare The Area

Whenever you are painting your wall whether you want a standard look or an antique one, you should always prepare the area so as to get a perfect finish and avoid messing up the surrounding. Some of the things that you should do during this stage is to tape off trims, electric outlets, baseboards and molding while at the same time laying drop clothes in the surrounding area. This will prevent overpainting especially on items.

  • Apply a Base Coat Paint

Base coat paint is crucial when painting your walls. This should be applied to the entire wall using paint rollers. If coating corners and small areas is a challenge, use an angled brush as this applies perfectly without messing. After the base coat, you should apply another coat only if you see it’s necessary.

  • Create Your Desire Antique Finish

It’s time to create your desired antique finish. For this finish, you will need to use a small brush. First dip it into the paint and apply it on the wall using up and down strokes or left to right motion.

Creating an aged look on your walls is not as hard as many consider it. It’s easy as long as you are familiar with the techniques and you have the patience required. You will also ensure that you have the necessary tools and materials to complete the job. If not sure about how to achieve this look on your walls, it’s crucial that you work with a professional painter. You can actually test your painting skills on a sample board to see how good you can do it.

How to Give Your Home a Fresh Look with an Antique Finish
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