Quite a number of convicted burglars confessed windows provided easy access to a home. This is because most people tend to overlook windows security. But one thing many people don’t realize is the windows are your home security weak spot. Intruders know this and that’s why they tend to exploit that vulnerability to the fullest if you don’t do something about it.

So, if you want to keep your family safe from intruders, consider these home security tips for windows.

Lock windows after closing them

Many people have this habit of forgetting to lock their windows after closing them. Locking the window might appear like a small gesture, but it goes a long way in securing your home. If you’re just stepping out of the house for a while or retiring for the night, always ensure all windows are locked.

Invest in window alarms

When your family safety and security is at stake, going the extra mile and installing window alarms seems appropriate and the most responsible thing to do. There are two types of window alarms, the one that alerts everyone with a loud siren when someone opens or breaks the window and the one that detects any fishy movement around the window. The latter is a bit expensive, but an effective option. Well, both are effective options, but the motion detector is more advanced.

Install bars

Many people don’t like the idea of installing bars on their windows and it’s very understandable. Nobody wants their home to look like a cage. But bars discourage intruders from breaking into your house. Once they notice the bars or grills on windows, they move along as they prefer easy access over wasting time on difficult break-ins.

Install visibly tough locks

Investing in high-quality locks is a great way to keep thieves out of your home. If an intruder sees the kind of locks you’ve put in place, it deters them from going any further. As mentioned above, burglars don’t like wasting time on difficult operations.

Is your property in Sydney, Australia? These Sydney locksmiths are your best bet to supply and install all types of locks, including window locks. Remember, visibly tough locks are certainly capable of scaring off potential thieves.

Invest in laminated windows

If you want to increase security in your house, laminated windows are a great investment. It may be a bit expensive, but definitely worth it. The best thing about laminated glass is it doesn’t leave any hole even when smashed. After a few tries, the burglars get frustrated and go somewhere else.

Prevent Break-ins Through Windows With These Tips