Everyone loves simple, affordable and on top of all – effective bathroom changes. Are you considering residential bathroom remodeling in near future? Don’t hesitate because a change is always welcome in every home. Change is what keeps the spirit of each space alive.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your bathroom into a more comfy and pleasant space. These simple tips will definitely ease up your bathroom revamp and keep you on budget.

Apply these simple and effective changes and give your bathroom a new million dollar look for less than $100 – today! While you could always hire the bathroom renovation professionals, successful DIY bathroom remodeling is nothing unachievable. You just need to follow professional advice and turn remodeling into a fun and exciting experience.

Simple change 1: Change the taps

New, shiny taps seem like a small change but leave a major impact on your bathroom outlook. It changes the look of the entire bathroom if you replace the old, worn out taps with decorative ones in a modern manner. So, don’t hesitate to replace them, starting today!

Simple change 2: Use a new pattern for the walls or repaint them

We all know what repainting the bathroom walls or adding new patterns means – a complete refreshing appearance of the space. Don’t hesitate on changing the ordinary boring colors and turn your old bathroom into a wild, modern place. Although repainting seems like a small change, it will certainly make a major impact on your bathroom appearance after remodeling.

Simple change 3: Change the bath panels

Change the ordinary bath panel with a modern dark wooden one and you will gain a complete makeover of your bathroom. However, it’s not mandatory to pick the wooden panels. Feel free to do your own pick according to your budget, taste and the current state of your bath panels.

Simple change 4: Add a glamorous touch with new lighting

As changing the color and pattern of the walls, the changing of lighting is also a small change with a major impact on your bathroom. Add a glamorous touch by replacing the regular lighting with yellow, orange, red or blue lighting. However, keep in mind that you can’t apply this change alone if you’re not an electrician. Call an expert and start your remodeling today!

Simple change 5: Buy a new set of Egyptian, Suvin or Supima towels

With buying a new set of Egyptian, Suvin or Supima towels, you will be able to enjoy a spa-like experience. These towels are made using silky, long and absorbent fibers, and will definitely change your feel when entering your new bathroom after renovation. However, do not forget to apply some new DIY ornaments and embellish your bathroom even more.

Will it be homemade floating shelves with scenic candles on, a new modern/vintage mirror or homemade baskets for beauty products and towels, it’s up to you to decide. Just use your creativity and imagination, and go with the flow. We promise the results will be booming at the end of the renovation!

Revamp Your Bathroom with These Simple Changes
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