Homeowner locking his home with smartphone and smart lock.Smart locks are the new types of locks slowly replacing traditional locks. The older style, traditional locks have been in use for many years now and have served quite well. Most homeowners have been using traditional locks for years without complaints arising on their services. However, the introduction of SMART locks in the market has seen a decline in the growth of traditional lock usage. Of course as with every change, some homeowners are a bit resistant to make the switch and thus prefer sticking with their traditional locks.

What Are SMART Locks?

Smart locks are an improvement on the traditional lock, even though they essentially achieve the same outcome. They both provide a means of securing or locking a door however the smart locks make use of current technology to perform this.

Installing smart locks in your home would mean boosting your security level in many ways. For instance, smart locks can be connected to your smart phone (iPhone, Samsung, Google phone, etc.) allowing you to manage your home’s security from any location. Just imagine being able to control the locking of your front door from miles away. This is perfect for those times when you are not sure if you locked the door on the way out. Search for your nearest smart lock installer today.

Some of the smarter SMART locks connect to your home’s internet connection by use of WI-FI allowing you to control it through an app. This connectivity allows them to notify you in case someone breaks-in or opens the door even when you are away.

More SMART Lock Features

Smart locks have a wide variety of features that can improve the safety of you and your family. For instance, some smart locks have voice activation technology that enables you to lock and unlock your door simply by word of mouth. There are also bio-metric smart locks that make use of fingerprints to open and close. As fingerprints are unique, you can integrate the fingerprints of family and people you trust into the system so that only they are able to open the door. A few of the high-end smart locks also make use of face recognition to grant access.

Geo-fencing is another feature present in smart locks. With this provision, you can update your location into the system and further make a perimeter in which if you move out, the lock automatically engages itself. This will help you to never leave your door open even if you forget to lock it yourself.

As seen above, there are a lot of advancements in smart locks that traditional locks don’t have. It is therefore evident to conclude that smart locks should be incorporated into your home to improve the safety of your loved ones and possessions.

Why Your Home Needs a SMART Lock
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